CS160 Design Awards

Each practicum in CS160 is divided into three design cycles. Each cycle focuses on a different observation, prototyping, or evaluation technique. Design awards are given to the top three student submissions in each cycle.

Practicum 3 Technical Vignettes

In this assignment, students were tasked with completing 4 out of 8 technical exercises including:

  • Creating a navigation Prototype in Ruby on Rails
  • Accessing WebAPI Vibration, Speech, and Orientation
  • Binding touch gesture with Hammer.js
  • Interfacing with Twitter API or Twillio API
  • CSS styling with Flexbox and SASS
  • Laying out HTML using the Box Model
  • Building a protractor using Paper.js
  • Building direct manipulation interactions with JQuery UI Interactions

The top three submissions were selected and displayed below. Students that completed all eight vignettes are listed in the honorable mentions.

For more information about the assignment, check out the design brief.

Honorable Mention

The following students successfully completed the eight vignettes.

  • Ahmad Badary & Haoran (Anthony) Su
  • Iris Yon & Miguel Ugalde
  • Kevin Lee & Ibrahim Hamisu
  • Noah Lopez & Roman Wright