CS160 Design Awards

Each practicum in CS160 is divided into three design cycles. Each cycle focuses on a different observation, prototyping, or evaluation technique. Design awards are given to the top three student submissions in each cycle.

Practicum 2 Interactive Coloring Book

In this assignment, students were asked to direct manipulation interaction to support the creative activity of coloring. This consisted of:

  • Ideation Cycle: Students conducted an observational study, carried out a task analysis, and created three interaction sketches for critique.
  • Low-fidelity Cycle: Students created and iterated on a paper prototype informed by a Wizard of Oz evaluation.
  • High-fidelity Cycle: Students programmed the direct manipulation interaction focusing design concerns on either achieving flow and engagement, supporting a learning task, or creating an entirely new experience.

The final interactions were programmed using paper.js with imported SVG coloring pages converted from raster images using Adobe Illustrator AutoTrace.

For more information about the assignment, check out the design brief.

Ideation Awards - Interaction Sketches

Low-Fidelity Awards - Paper Prototypes

Development Awards - High Fidelity Prototype

Simon Budker

Hana Hyder

Mohith Subbarao

Matthew James Joerke