CS160 Design Awards

Each practicum in CS160 is divided into three design cycles. Each cycle focuses on a different observation, prototyping, or evaluation technique. Design awards are given to the top three student submissions in each cycle.

Practicum 1 Cloudy, with a chance of meteors

In this assignment, students were asked to develop a mobile weather application for the galactic space traveler. This consisted of:

  • Ideation Cycle: Students conducted a formal analysis of SciFi interfaces and Atomic Age design motifs, and sketched initial interaction sketches.
  • Low-fidelity Cycle: Students created wireframes iterating on these design after conducting a heuristic evaluation.
  • High-fidelity Cycle: Students programmed the applications using HTML/CSS/JS focusing design concerns on look-and-feel, interaction, implementation, or full integration.

The final application uses the Geolocation Web API to query a user's position in the universe. These applications used downtown Berkeley BART as a reference Sun, and Jacobs Hall as a reference Pluto.

For more information about the assignment, check out the design brief.

Ideation Awards - Interaction Sketches

Low-Fidelity Awards - Wireframes

Low-Fidelity Awards - Wireframes

Hana Hyder

Kevin Lee

Simon Budker

Omar Beyhum